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Product Overview

GeoFREEZE uses a patent pending, geothermal liquid cooling system to maintain cold surface temperatures by running a proprietary fluid formula through the system. Field tests indicate GeoFREEZE is more efficient and cost effective at creating and maintaining cold surface temperatures than current competing technologies.

Market Opportunity

GeoFREEZE has been proven to work in ski jump applications by perserving the snow on the jump during warm temperatures. Testing for use in several other application spaces is currently underway. Potential spaces include:

  • Ski jumps
  • Dairy farms: cooling milk
  • Outbuildings: cooling or freezing
  • Indoor/outdoor ski hill
  • Indoor/outdoor ice rinks (commercial and residential)
  • Chemical or pharmaceutical room for cooling
  • Curling courts
  • Half-pipe ski area
  • Fish ponds
  • Zoos
  • Cooled bar tops

Unit Tested on the Pine Mountain Ski Jump

Iron Mountain, MI

Ski jump

Product Development Stage

The prototype version of GeoFREEZE was field tested and proven effective on the Pine Mountain Ski Jump in Iron Mountain, MI during warm weather in 2017. A redesigned, mobile beta unit has been completed and will be tested in the 2018 winter season. This technology is available to companies for licensing and can be customized to fit most spaces.

Technical Highlights

  • 50% less overall cost when compared to competitors
  • 50% less energy used
  • 40% less temperature variation
  • 40% more consistent temperature (Compared to Eau Claire, WI Ski Jump cooling system)

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